Caring for your piece

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How to care for your new favourite piece of clothing

The beauty about every exposed seam being overlocked is that your home-sewn project won’t just look well finished, it will last.

But, that doesn't mean you shouldn't take care of it. The number one rule is keep your piece as cool as it makes you look 😉 And by that I mean gentle cold wash and dry in the shade to keep those colours looking fresher than a morning dip in the ocean.

You put a lot of care into making your piece so, make sure you keep giving her love for many years to come. 

Top tips

  • Try not to over-wash your piece, each time you wash your garment the fabric is under a lot of friction and very slowly starts to become thinner. So, for all you people who leave their washing in the machine so long they need to re-wash it, this tips for you.
  • Dry flat, or use a hanger rather than pegs to prevent pinch marks.
  • If your piece just needs a little bit of a freshen, hang it up outside rather than washing it. Perfect for when it’s been folded in your suitcase.